December 20, 2011
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM+
Stout NYC

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the iDateStartup?
A: The iDateStartup is one of the largest trade shows and conferences for the affiliate marketing industry. It is an advanced event that covers some of the most up to date forms of marketing and technologies for successful website promotion.

Q: Who attends the iDateStartup?
A: iDateStartup is attended by a diverse group: Advanced high level affiliates and beginner webmasters. In addition, affiliate program managers, marketing executives, payment processors, affiliate software executives, computer programmers, mobile technology exectuives and others attend the event. Affiliate attendance at this event, which represents approximately 40 to 60% of the total attendance, includes some of the highest revenue producing indviduals in the industry (known as "super-affiliates"). They are in demand due to their ability to instantly produce revenue for companies.

Q: Why should I attend?
A: This is the forum for the affiliate industry where business gets done. Affiliates negotiate with affiliate managers to find the best revenue structures. Affiliate managers increase loyalty from existing affiliates and also find new affiliates. Affiliate software executives hear constructive comments from affiliates and meet with retail operators. Marketing companies and payment processors also meet with affiliate managers and aggregators.

Q: Why are the affiliates so important?
A: Affiliate marketing over the last several years has grown exponentially. The trend has been to rely more on affiliates than any other form of marketing. Affiliates that perform (bring in revenue) are in high demand. The iDateStartup is the forum for affiliates to meet others in the industry and conduct business.

Q: Why do affiliates go for free?
A: Why not? Other events charge USD $500 to USD $2000 per affiliate to attend. We believe this is fundamentally wrong. As an affiliate, YOU HAVE THE POWER. This is your conference and this was made for you. The organizers of the Affiliate Convention have been in the affiliate industry for a long time. We have provided both neutral and objective information for affiliates to learn and improve their revenues. We have been down the same road as you. As an affiliate, you are taking the risks. You are bringing in the traffic and the revenue for affiliate programs you participate with. These programs are coming to the event and eagerly desire to either meet you for the first time or improve their business with you. You should see the event as your home and your soapbox.

Q: What can I expect as an affiliate?
A: Attending the iDateStartup will provide you with the opportunity to meet other affiliate managers to negotiate the best revenue model for you. The seminars at the event are designed to discusss the best methods to increase traffic and conversion rates. Lastly, networking at the iDateStartup with other affiliates, like yourself, has been found to be most productive in discovering better marketing methods and new business opportunities. For this to work best for you, it requires that you will need to be assertive and introduce yourself to other delegates at the event.

Q: How much does it cost to register and what does a registration pass include?
A: Affiliates that apply before December 20, 2011 go to the event for FREE. If you register before December 20, 2011, the registration fee is USD FREE price. After December 20, 2011, registration is restricted.

Q: Why New York?
A: New York was chosen with the affiliate in mind. New York is a central hub for many airlines. As a result airfares to New York are very low. Also, the low hotel room rates are attractive to an upstart affiliate. (We were serious when we said we were thinking of you). Our hotel rate: TODO. While other events won't be sensitive to your financial situation, we are. We understand the affiliate better than anyone. We are trying to keep the total cost for you, airfare, hotel and miscellaneous expenses, under USD $1,000.

Q: What if I want to register in person at the event?
A: At-Door registration begins on December 20, 2011 at 7:45 AM. We recommend you get there early as there will be a long line of people looking to purchase passes at the front door. That is why we recommend registering online early. You save both money and time at the event.

Q: Will you be mailing me my badge or do I pick it up at the Stout NYC?
A: You must pick up your badge in person at the conference registration desk the morning of the event. Please bring government issued photo identification (for verification purposes only). Registration badges are not mailed.

Q: What if I lose my badge during the event?
A: At this event your badge is your access to the iDateStartup. With it, you can enter the exhibit hall, the seminar rooms and attend other outside social events. Badges cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. If you need to purchase a replacement badge at the event the cost will be 15.

Q: I am an affiliate. I hear that other affiliates go to this event for free or are sponsored. How do I go for free?
A: Over 90% of the affiliates that attend the iDateStartup go for free! Affiliates are sponsored by the affiliate programs exhibiting at this event. Many of these affiliate programs have a limited number of complimentary passes for their best affiliates to attend. If you are a PERFORMING AFFILIATE (that means that you bring a significant amount of revenue to an affiliate program that is exhibiting at this event), we recommend that you contact your affiliate manager and tell them you plan to come to the 2011 New York iDateStartup. Ask them for a complimentary pass. If you are a performing affiliate, you should not have a problem. If you do encounter a problem, then we suggest that you ask other affiliate programs exhibiting and sponsoring. They are very keen for your business. If you are a NEW AFFILIATE, then consider attending your first iDateStartup as a business investment. Most new affiliates are provided complimentary passes by affiliate programs at subsequent events. Call them, if you are their affiliate, ask them to place you on their list. You can also request to be sponsored by filling out this FORM. To increase your chances of being sponsored, show the other websites you run and tell the affiliate program as much as possible. Note that there is no guarantee you will be sponsored. We will refund you the full amount of the registration fee if you become sponsored.

Q: As an affiliate, what is expected of me?
A: One of the reasons why over 90% of the affiliates that attend the iDateStartup are sponsored by the affiliate programs exhibiting is because the affiliate program desires to do more business with you. They selected you out of many people. You should meet with them and personally thank them for providing you with a complimentary pass to the iDateStartup. They will most likely discuss ways of improving your performance with them. Most importantly, after the event, you should contact the affiliate manager and send them some traffic, as that is the reason why you were sponsored. Giving them more business will most likely ensure that you are invited again as their guest to the next iDateStartup.

Q: I am an affiliate manager and want to meet new affiliates and super affiliates. How can I meet them at the iDateStartup?
A: Let's look at this in terms of numbers. If you plan to attend the event alone as an affiliate manager, in order to meet all of the affiliates you will need to personally meet with hundreds of them over a 2 to 3 day period. This is impossible to accomplish by simply walking around at the event. If you select this as your strategy, then you will probably meet only 20 to 60 affiliates, depending upon how aggressive you are, how astute you are and how fast you can work. In addition, super-affiliates tend to have numerous pre-arranged appointments at the event. The chances of you meeting a super affiliate "by chance" walking the event area will be significantly reduced. We highly recommend exhibiting at the iDateStartup. In this way, affiliates will find your affiliate program in the exhibit hall and introduce themselves to you at the event. Your time spent will be more effective and you will meet many more affiliates in this way. Another option is to sponsor new affiliates looking to be sponsored at this event. These new affiliates must meet you prior to the event in order for them to be sponsored. You can also call USA +1 212 722 1744 ext 4 to speak to our event sales staff.

Q: Do you offer discounted passes for the exhibit hall only?
A: No. The conference pass includes all that was stated above. There is only one registration fee.

Q: Do you offer single day passes? Is the admission price for one day or all days?
A: The admission price is for all days. There are no day passes.

Q: What if I want to meet someone at the iDateStartup that has no badge and does not plan to register for the iDateStartup?
A: This is a closed event. The exhibit hall, seminar rooms, meeting rooms and some areas of Stout NYC combo will be the forum where iDateStartup delegates conduct business. Only iDateStartup registrants will be allowed in these areas with NO exceptions.

Q: Do I have to give you my real name? I don't want it to appear on my badge.
A: We require your real first and last name for identification purposes only. We will place the name you would like to appear on the badge at the registration desk.

Q: I plan to bring my family to New York so that we will have a vacation time after the event. Can my spouse and children accompany me into the event?
A: No. This is a closed event open to registered iDateStartup delegates only. You can register your spouse, however children under 18 years of age will not be registered and can not be admitted to the event.

Q: I am from another country and require a Visa to go to the event. How do I get a Visa Invitation letter from iDateStartup?
A: You must first register for your conference pass. Upon receipt of payment, email us a request for a visa invitation letter. Please include your name, full mailing address and fax number. We will then fax you the invitation letter.

Q: I am from the media. Do you offer media passes to the event?
A: If you are with the major media (examples are: CNN, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Times of London, National Public Radio, Business Week Magazine, etc.), then email us with your name, the name and address of the media publication, the name of your editor and his contact details. Upon confirmation, we will contact you and advise if you are approved to have a media pass to the event. If you are an industry or trade publication, please note that we have pre-arranged co-promotional agreements with other trade publications. Our co-promotional agreements are done months in advance. If you are contacting us for the first time just prior to the event, you will need to register and pay for your pass.

Q: Do you provide a list of the delegate names and companies?
A: No. This event is attended by wealthy entrepreneurs and executives that do not wish to give out their names or contact details to others they do not know. Our top sponsors are not provided with a copy of the delegate list.

Q: How do I make appointments in advance of the event with delegates attending?
A: We strongly recommend you use the official Message Boards/Forums at TODO for the event. Announce that you are coming and what you have to offer. Your post will be read and meetings can be made in advance.

Q: I pre-registered and I'm unable to attend. Can I get a refund?
A: No. All sales are final and there is no refund for cancellation. Our cancellation policy is listed on the terms and conditions page for registering at the event.

Q: I want to exhibit or sponsor at the iDateStartup. What can I do?
A: View the Sponsorship Packages that we have available and contact us by telephone at USA +1 (212) 722-1744 ext. 4 or email us with your inquiry.

If you have any additional questions about attending that were not addressed on this web page, please email us


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